30 Scrap Fabric Project Ideas

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Love being creative? Get ready. Fabric crafting is a lovely thing to do, you get to be creative and be proud of what you’ve made. I love clay crafting more, but I also wouldn’t resist getting creative with fabrics.

Fabric crafting is easy and doesn’t cost much especially if you’re using leftover fabrics. If you’re a beginner then this post is for you. It’s usually a little hard to get everything right as a beginner but don’t worry, these ones are pretty easy to make.

If you’re experienced in fabric crafting, this post is also for you, you get to explore more ideas and make use of them. So go round the house and get those leftover fabrics and let’s make something to be super proud of!

30 Scrap Fabric Project Ideas

These 30 fabric projects are great and you’ll love them. Look closely, I’m sure you’ll find something that catches your eyes. So without wasting time, let’s check them out

1. Scrapy Bibs And Bundles

Via: The Sewing Loft.

2. Fabric Scrap Dollar Store Pumpkin Craft


3. Scrap fabric Christmas tree

Via: live laugh rowe

4. No-seed Flowers

Via: Made Everyday.

5. Fabric scrap Bowl

Via: Radiant Home Studio

6. Adorable Owls

Via: Happy Hooligans

7. Upcycled No-Sew Pillow Cover

Via: repurposeandupcycle.com

8. Fabric Coasters

Via: beginnersewingprojects.com

9. Nail File Case

Via: easythingstosew.com

10. Rainbow Scrap Fabric Wreath

Via: teach-me-mommy.com

11. Little Lark Lavendar Sachet

Via: Gingermelon


Via: SeeKateSew.

13. Scrunchies

Via: Duni’ Studio

14. Reusable cloth sponges

Via: ehow.com

15. DIY Hoop Organizer

Via: sewcraftyme.com

16. Fabric Scrap Christmas Trees

Via: at the picket fence.

17. Homemade Paper Dolls

Via: Happy Hooligans.

18. Scrap-Fabric Butterflies

Via: allfreesewing.com

19. Fabric Strip Wrapped Frame

Via: JaneSays

20. Paperclip Fabric Bookmark

Via: craftsyhacks.com

21. Mini Patchwork Buckets

Via: fabricbutt.Blogspot

22. Fall Leaf Pillow

Via: Cluck Cluck SEW

23. No-Sew Apple Decoration

Via: Creative Jewish Mom

24. Braided basket

Via: diydanielle.com

25. Reusable Hand Warmers

Via: sadieseasongoods.com

26. Stuffed Fabric Bunny

Via: inspirationmadesimple.com

27. Recycled Christmas Ornaments

Via: mypoppet.com.au

28. Reusable Snack Bags

Via: closetcorepatterns.com

29. Scrappy Pet Leash

Via: sewcanshe.com

30. Toothbrush Travel Wrap

Via: The Yellow Bird House

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