Howdy, I’m Micheal, the person behind Welcome to my little corner of the internet where I talk about what I love to do. I am an experienced blogger and freelance writer tapping inspiration from different sources and sharing them with my readers.

What Entibuzz Is About

Entibuzz is about sharing tips from different niches like Home decor, crafts, Diy projects and other lifestyle tips. In this blog, you’ll learn different tips based on those niches. I have always been a versatile writer with loads of experience in different niches, so sharing my thoughts isn’t a hard thing to do.

Why I started The Blogging Journey

Writing has always been a way for me to express myself. I love putting my thoughts into writing and sharing them with my readers. I was amazed by the feedback I got after putting my experience out there and that motivated me to start my blog and grow my audience.

Freelancing And Blogging At The Same Time

Yes, I’m a freelancer and a blogger. I get paid for writing. I was first a freelance writer and when I saw how people reacted to my writing, I got motivated to start my own blog. I love freelance writing and I love blogging too, and that’s why I do both.