Sleeping and wrinkles

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I love sleeping, and so does everyone else. Sleeping does a lot of things for our bodies. Sleep can boost your immune system, sleep can strengthen your heart, sleeping can also improve memory. When we think of all the advantages of sleeping, it’s hard to think or even say that those advantages can be outweighed.

When you hear that sleeping causes wrinkles, you start to wonder, “should I start sleeping less?”. Well, you do not have to sleep less, you can sleep as much as you want but sleep right, and that’s the key.

Apart from the fact that sleeping awkwardly can cause neck pain and pains in other parts of the body (which most of us have experienced), it also causes wrinkles. Let me make it clear, sleeping doesn’t cause wrinkles but sleeping in an awkward position does. So what are these positions we should avoid to keep our faces away from wrinkles?.

Sleep positions that cause wrinkles

1. Sleeping on the side

If you really look at it, sleeping on the side pushes your face against the pillow, which then causes wrinkles. Sleeping on the side has a lot of advantages, for example, people that often snore in their sleep are advised to sleep sideways because sleeping sideways prevents you from snoring. Sleeping on the side is also good for people with breathing problems.

When we look at the advantages of sleeping on the side it’s hard to decide if you’d change your sleep position because of one factor. A lot of people sleep on the side and from my experience, it’s really hard to change sleep positions and not get back to your initial sleep position in your sleep (more of this later ).

2. Sleeping on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach is probably the worst sleep position there is. Aside from the fact that sleeping on the stomach can cause neck pain, sleeping on your stomach pushes your face against the pillow. If sleeping on the side cause wrinkles, sleeping on the stomach should do more.

Sleeping on the stomach presses your entire body against the pillow. All these wrong sleep positions are not just done once, people sleep in awkward positions for years. So be sure to know that sleeping on the stomach causes facial wrinkles.

Changing your sleep position

It’s very hard to change a habit that’s been done for years. The strange thing about sleeping is that, when you sleep in a different position you’re not used to, you will most likely wake up in your initial sleep position (weird right?). So how do we change our sleep position even when we’re not really in control of it?

How to change your sleep position

There are different recommended methods for sleeping. You might use the pillow method, tennis method or zap method. I recommend using a silent bamboo mattress protector so switching positions doesn’t distract your sleep.

Changing sleep positions with these methods can be very challenging at first, but over time you’d adjust. Most people quit after a short period because of discomfort. But if you’re really serious about changing the habit you’ve been doing for years, you might want to consider ignoring all odds and going for it.

So now we all know the sleep positions that cause facial wrinkles. But you should know that there are health advantages and Disadvantages of different sleep positions. So don’t go changing your sleep position if it doesn’t aid your health.

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