26 Best cake recipes to make

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Red velvet cake with cooked frosting

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I love the redness of red velvet recipes, it makes you anticipate the taste. Red velvet recipes are like chocolate recipes, you just know them without being told. This red velvet cake is made with vanilla, cocoa, red gel food colouring and other ingredients.

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Ice cream cake

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If you like white cakes with a little decoration on top, then this ice cream cake recipe is for you.

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Caramel cake


This caramel cake recipe is a must-try, it’s healthy, delicious and easy to make, you heard that right. This delicious recipe can be made with butter, vanilla extract, milk, vinegar and other ingredients.

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Strawberry cake


I love strawberry recipes and strawberry cakes are my best. I love strawberry cake, I can it all day. This strawberry recipe is delicious and healthy because of the strawberry it contains. The recipe can be made with fresh strawberries, strawberry extract, buttermilk and other ingredients.

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M&M’s Kit Kat Cake


The look of this cake just makes you want to have it for yourself, the recipe is delicious (as you’d expect), quick and easy to make. This recipe is being made with a bag of M&M’s, vanilla extract, vinegar and other ingredients.

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Chocolate cake


I love chocolate dessert recipes, I have never compiled any dessert list without adding chocolate desserts. This chocolate recipe is very delicious, this is not your usual cake recipe. It’s easy to make and can be made for any occasion. This chocolate cake recipe is made with unsweetened cocoa powder, vinegar, vanilla extract and other ingredients.

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Vanilla cake

This is my sisters best cake recipe, she loves vanilla cake so much, she would eat it every day if she could. This cake is beautiful and delicious. It is made with vanilla, baking powder, flour and other ingredients.

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Carrot cake

Pinoy cooking recipes

This is one cake recipe you must try. You don’t need to like carrots, you’ll just love this carrot cake right away. This carrot cake recipe is made with carrots, vanilla, baking soda and other ingredients.

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Chocolate birthday cake


Looking for the best birthday cake? Well, look no more because this cake recipe is everything you need for a perfect birthday celebration.

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Rainbow cake


Another gorgeous cake recipe, this cake is beautiful and delicious, this cake recipe can be used for any party celebration of your choice

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Spongebob cake


Are you looking for a birthday cake for your kids? Try this Spongebob cake recipe and they will love it.

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Makeup cake


This cake recipe is beautiful, delicious and will suit any occasion of your choice.

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Ice cream cake


Have you tasted an ice cream cake before? Well, if you have, you still need to taste this gorgeous looking cake recipe. This recipe is fit for any occasion.

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Rainbow Unicorn cake


This cake recipe is beautiful and easy regardless of how it looks, have a kids birthday coming up? make this cake and you’ll see the reaction.

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