26 Beautiful Minimalist Tattoo Trends

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One of the greatest dilemmas in tattoo history is picking the perfect design. You can flip drawing books and photos for hours and still not be satisfied. Most people pick a design, and after imprinting it, they change their minds because it’s not what they had envisioned.

If you’ve come in search of tattoo designs then I\’d like you to know that this is your stop because you’ll find what you’re looking for and if not, I can always recommend more for you so you’re in good hands.

Minimalist tattoos are probably the most sought-after because of how simple and classy they look. They are my best without any doubt. I love designs that are cute and have little designs or small and artistic

Tattoos are not always about covering your body with inks. You don’t need to get a big design to make it look beautiful and stand out. Simple tattoos are the best for me because they carry more meaning and they’re also very cute.

Best designs to explore

Preference plays a big part here, but from what I have seen, these designs make the best minimalist tattoos.

Pet design: pet designs are so small and cute. If you’ve seen a cat tattoo before, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Dog designs are also cute. You can try birds too and they’ll look awesome.

Flower and tree designs: Flowers are beautiful on another level. If you\’re looking for something simple and artistic, then by all means, pick a flower design.

Animations designs: Animations are one of my best. Cartoon characters like Tom and Jerry, the Simpsons, Loony Toons, and Family Guy all pass the test for a beautiful design.

Handwriting or written Quotes: I’ve seen celebrities imprint their parent’s handwriting on them. In my opinion, this is the most sentimental design ever. If you’re far away, you always feel them near you when you read the wise words you imprinted. You can also use quotes as a way of motivation, or when you’re in a bad mood, they can lighten your mood and everything will be okay.

Humans: I think kids make the best designs because kids are pure and innocent, and that counts. You can also try designs with some parts like on the hand, palms joining together, or fingers reaching for the sky.

Today, we’re bringing the trendies and simplest minimalist tattoo designs for you to pick. These designs are simple and artistic on different levels. So, with further ado, let’s check out our list of these beautiful designs.




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Source: marvin.rocka


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Source: misterch


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If you got to this post and you\’re still skeptical, feel free to check again. The designs are yours to pick.

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