20 Best Cocktail recipes

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Who’s ready for cocktails? Every time I’m hosting a party or helping a friend host one, I’ll surf the internet for different cocktail recipes to make. I have been doing this for years. You have no idea the number of cocktail recipes I have in my had.

In this post, I’ll list 20 cocktail recipes to make for any occasion of your choice. You can also decide to make it at home, whichever you choose that’s fine. So without further ado, let’s jump into the recipes



Classic Daiquiri

Fresh, nice cocktail recipe for the summer. This recipe is easy to make and can be made for any occasion of your choice. If you like drinks made with lime, this cocktail recipe is for you.

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Blueberry bramble cocktail

Don’t like lime recipes? Then try this BlackBerry bramble cocktail recipe. A cocktail recipe made with lemon juice, blueberries, bramble and other ingredients. If you like Blackberries then don’t wait and try this recipe out!!.

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Bloody Mary

This tomato juice recipe is healthy and quick to make, It’s my dad’s favourite cocktail recipe and he loves it so much. This recipe is made with lemon juice, tomato juice, vodka and other ingredients.

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 The Spruce / Julia Hartbeck

John Collins

This cocktail recipe is very popular. If you’re into cocktails, you should have had a glass of john Collins cocktail. This recipe is an ideal summer recipe, just sip and relax.

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Woo woo

If you’re hearing the name of this cocktail, you might be wondering why it has the name “woo woo”. When I heard the name of this recipe for the first time, I laughed a lot. This woo woo cocktail recipe is pretty easy and quick to make.

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This recipe is delicious and the perfect valentine’s day or Thanksgiving day recipe. If you’ve not had this cocktail recipe, you should give it a try

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Tequila sunrise

This is a refreshing fruit cocktail recipe fit for any occasion. You don’t need to be an expert to make this recipe. The recipe contains tequila, orange juice, grenade and other ingredients.

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Godfather Cocktail

A sweet drink with the combination of scotch whisky and Amaretto. this recipe is easy to make with just two ingredients (mentioned earlier).

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Americano Cocktail

This cocktail recipe is delicious, refreshing and can be made with just 3 three ingredients.

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Amaretto Sunrise

This is a sweet cocktail recipe that can be made in 5 minutes. If you’re looking for summer cocktail recipes, you should have enough by now, but don’t forget to add this Amaretto sunrise cocktail recipe.

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Classic Negroni Cocktail

This Italian cocktail recipe can be made with just four ingredients. You can always add this classic Negroni cocktail to your list of summer drinks.

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This is an apple flavoured martini and I love apple flavoured recipes. I like the colour of this cocktail, and its taste, even better. This recipe can be made with just 3 ingredients.

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Sex on the beach cocktail

You should know we’re talking about drinks so don’t think of anything else. This cocktail recipe is a combination of orange juice, cranberry juice, vodka, peach schnapps and maraschino cherry.

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Blue lagoon

This blue lagoon cocktail recipe can be made with just three ingredients. I never miss this recipe every summer.

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Lemon drop

If you like lemon recipes then you’ll love this lemon drop recipe. This lemon drop recipe is delicious and can be made with a few ingredients, making it very easy to make.

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This is an old cocktail recipe. I have had this recipe many times but made it twice and it did come out great. This Manhattan recipe is easy to make with only three ingredients needed.

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Piña colada

This is a delicious and frozen pineapple cocktail that can be made with just three ingredients. You’ll love this cocktail recipe if you like pineapple recipes.

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Rum and Orange

Rum is an alcoholic drink loved by all. The mixture of rum and orange is just great. This cocktail recipe contains aged rum, orange juice and two more ingredients (check recipe).

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Classic Mojito

This is a Cuban cocktail recipe. A good mojito cocktail is hard to come by, but luckily for you, I’ve got this homemade mojito recipe.

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Classic Margarita

Ah yes!! I love my classic margarita. This is by far my best cocktail recipe. This margarita cocktail can be made with tequila, orange liqueur, fresh lime juice and other ingredients.

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