21 Cheap Chandelier Lights Under $500

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Looking for cheap and luxurious chandelier lighting? You’ve come to the right place. It’s hard to find beautiful chandelier products at an affordable price especially if you’re on a budget.

But don’t worry because I’ve got these beautiful chandelier lighting for you to explore.

1. Crystal Ceiling Light Circle.

$402 View product

2. Line Design Chandelier

$429 View product

3. Pendant Candle Style Chandelier

$343 View Product

4. Crystal Ceiling Lights

$444 View Product

4. Chandelier Metal Feather Design

$255 View Product

5. Modern Pendant Light

$321 View Product

6. Pendant Lantern Design

$475 View Product

7. Globe Lantern Design

$444 View Product

8. Rope lantern Design

$459 View product

9. Geometric Shape Single Design

$498 View product

10. Luxury Crystal Chandelier

$482 View product

11. Basketball Globe Design

$189 View Product

12. Globe Crystal chandelier

$290 View product

13. Artistic vintage style

$321 View product

14. Light wood/ Bamboo Glass painted finish

$347 View Product

15. Wood metal, glass painted finish

$421 View Product

16. Pendant light wood/bamboo wood

$421 View product

17. Pendant Light Lantern Design

$459 View Product

18. Cluster Chandelier Design

$224 View Product

19. Planet Lantern Design

$413 view Product

20. Retro strip Wooden Chandelier

$353 View Product

21. Shiny Crystal Chandelier

$390 View product

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