Why do women cheat

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When we hear cheating in a relationship the first gender that comes to mind is the male gender, but that’s not the case here because not just men but women also cheat. The question “why do women cheat?”, sounds a bit awkward because women are the sentimental ones and most women don’t have the guts to break other people’s hearts.

According to stats the number of women that cheat in a relationship is up to 40 percent which of course is increasing daily. Have you ever heard that saying “what a man can do, a woman can do better”, In this case, women are not doing better they’re doing just as much.

Women from 49 and above tend to cheat more than men at that age. Why am I showing the stats?. If you read my other article where I talked about men’s infidelity, I didn’t show any stat and that’s because it’s easy to believe. But many people would argue that women don’t really cheat, so I brought the stat to fulfil all righteousness.

I like the fact that I’m discussing this topic because it’s really hard to believe that women do cheat. But the fact remains that women cheat less (at least for now).

10 reasons why women cheat

  1. Lack of attention
  2. Revenge
  3. Assault
  4. Unsatisfaction
  5. Selfishness
  6. Ego
  7. Frustration
  8. Loneliness
  9. Lack of empathy
  10. Money

1. Lack of attention (probably the main reason why women cheat)

It’s without a doubt that women love attention, some women practically live for attention. You dare not look away when a woman needs your attention because if you do, well, let’s not explore that option.

Although many would see it as childish to be attention needy all the time, well guess what, women don’t care, just give them the attention that’s all. Men can be very busy sometimes to fulfil their partner’s demands, and that’s kind of how life is, men are always the busy ones.

Okay, here’s where the cheating comes in, the lack of attention raises options whether to look for that attention somewhere else, and it drives them to cheat.

One unique thing about women is that they are exceptionally good at keeping secrets, they could literally take it to their grave. That saying “nothing is hidden under the sun” doesn’t apply to women, they are capable of hiding things under the sun and if possible hiding the sun itself.

2. Revenge

A woman that cheat

Well, most women don’t cheat but many would if they find their partner cheating. Some men have this habit of two-timing women, and they are very good at it. Women on the other hand don’t really fancy two-timing unless they are doing it for a specific reason.

No one likes to be cheated on, men wouldn’t take it and neither would women, and some women have a way of transferring emotions, and of course, I don’t need to say what comes next.

Like I said before, if she chooses to hide the fact that she’s cheating, the chances of her partner finding out about it is very slim.

3. Assault

As assauled  woman that cheat

It’s not a new thing that women are the victims of assault in a relationship. Some men have the habit of turning their partner’s into punching bags because they feel they’re in control, yes that’s right, they feel they’re in control.

Women don’t like to be threatened, literally no one likes to be threatened. If she’s had enough she’ll look for someone who really loves and adores her, and it would only be a matter of time before she breaks the relationship, so technically she didn’t cheat, she simply looked for someone better because she deserves more.

4. Unsatisfaction

Sometimes people aren’t always satisfied with what their partner has to offer, it’s as simple as that. But the fault here is if your partner isn’t doing something right it’s your responsibility to say what you feel and then you can both find solutions, problem solved.

Well, some women wouldn’t feel the need to voice out so instead, they find cheating as the next option.

5. Selfishness

Women aren’t always the selfish ones because they are considered caring and all, well, it’s true most women aren’t always selfish but some of them are.

Some don’t mind dating two men at the same time, and when you ask them why you’d hear “I’m weighing my options”, what does that really mean you’d ask?. Well, it means she’s dating both men to find out who turns out better. Dating two men without their knowledge is a selfish thing to do.

6. Ego

A woman standing

Would you believe that some women are egomaniacs? Some women are so rich that whenever their partners try to talk they just slam money in their faces. A relationship where the woman controls everything that goes on is rear because men are usually the egomaniacs that like doing the control thing.

So a case where the woman is totally in control might cost the relationship. Some men like to abuse power same goes for some women who are totally in control.

Cheating would not seem so bad for someone that controls everything that goes on in the relationship. So some women cheat because they are in control, and don’t say it can’t be you because it’s surprising how power can change people.

7. Frustration

A frustration woman that might cheat

A relationship where fighting is very common can be really hard to contain. Fighting leads to frustration and frustration is enough to drive people away from a relationship.

The tendency to cheat in a broken relationship is very high, so I would say frustration doesn’t only drive women to cheat, it also drives men too.

8. Loneliness

A lonely woman who might cheat

You might want to group attention-seeking and loneliness in the same place, well, they’re not the same at all. When a man is too busy with work or spending his spare time with his friends, thereby leaving the woman lonely at home.

There are things that drive people to cheat on their partners, lack of attention and loneliness sits on top of the list

9. Lack of empathy

When it comes to relationships, I like to talk of empathy. The ability to know whatever your partner is feeling goes a long way. When you’re in a relationship and you don’t understand your partner, it can destroy the relationship.

When a woman is in a relationship and her partner doesn’t have the slightest clue of what’s going on with her, it can be frustrating, and even when she tries explaining he doesn’t still understand. Well, she might just find someone else who gets her.

10. Money (solid reason why women cheat)

Well, Don’t you dare play with the power of money. Money has the power of destroying relationships if you let it. The money thing is not just a factor for women but also men.

I’m not going to blame just women alone on this one, both genders tend to cheat for money. Period.

Do women cheat?

Cheating is not just a language for men but also for women, so don’t go thinking that women barely or don’t cheat at all, a good amount of women cheat on their partners.

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