What to do on first dates

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When we talk of dates it all depends on preference. dates are one of the many things that help keep a steady and healthy relationship. Dating is very essential in that it helps maintain the connection between couples. Couples need to go on dates from time to time to keep the relationship fresh and less tiring.

Is it your first time going on a date and you don’t know what to do and where to go, well hang on because we’ve got step by step ideas to make your date something to remember.

10 Things to do on first dates

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Have a cup of coffee
  3. Cook together
  4. Go for a picnic
  5. Enjoy your day with karaoke
  6. Play video games together
  7. Movie night (must do)
  8. Slow dancing
  9. Stargazing
  10. A lovely massage should end it all

1. Go for a walk (must do on first dates)

A couple going for a walk on first date

Whichever time you set your date you want to make sure that you have the whole day to yourselves, so going for a walk should probably be the first start to your amazing day together. And of course, you might want to consider holding hands all through (what’s the reason for going for a walk if you aren’t going to hold hands). Holding hands while going for a walk also builds the intimacy and connections between couples (hold and swing, lol).

2. Have a cup of coffee

A couple about to have coffee on their first dates

Yeah, I talked about going for a walk which seems pretty romantic. When you go for a walk, you might want to sit down and have a cup of coffee. Couples often find it relaxing and fun to talk over a cup of coffee, Talk about each other, crack jokes if possible (for guys mostly) over a cup of some hot latte.

3. Cook together

Couple cooking in the kitchen  on first dates

Okay, it’s good to order takeouts on dates but I wouldn’t recommend It. if it’s your house you invite her to the kitchen to cook with you, and if it’s her house she should do the same and if she doesn’t, invite yourself.

It’s very fun to cook together and laugh at each other’s inability to cook properly (most guys will suffer on this one). After cooking, you can now eat whatever concussion that was made (that’s if the guy was the chief lol)

4. Go for a picnic

A couple, having a picnic

There are two ways you can go around picnics, you either make the food yourselves together ( which sounds great), or order takeouts which would be weird, because literally everyone brings homemade food for picnics, so you wouldn’t want to be the odd ones out. Take your date somewhere beautiful for the date either a park or somewhere interesting(probably somewhere with a great view).

You might also bring a dog, playing catch with your dog is very exciting. If dogs are not your thing (which is rear because almost everyone loves dogs), you might try doing a talent show, a singing competition or anything and see who does it best. Just make sure you look for something fun and exhausting to do (and then, you can enjoy your launch together).

5. Enjoy your day with karaoke (enjoyable on first dates

A couple on karaoke night on first date

Well, who goes on dates without karaoke (, not me that’s for sure). Karaoke on dates is one way to smash your date, while she’ll be smashing high notes Arianagrande you’ll be jamming classic drake songs or you can both go crazy over BTS (that’s if you’re both k-pop fans).

Going on karaoke is very fun and extremely exhausting, (which is the most fun part). It will be a date to remember.

6. Play video games together

A couple playing games together

Okay, I know I have been ridiculing guys for not knowing how to cook and all but video games are every guy’s strength (at least most guys). Take her to a game house and make sure she never dares to hold a gamepad again, but if she beats you, I repeat if she beats you, well let’s not explore that option.

But seriously, playing games with your date is really fun, she gets to laugh at how bad she is, and you get to laugh at her too (although it might be the other way round, which would be funnier).

7. Movie night (must do on first dates)

A person holding popcorn and watching a movie on first dates

Now, who goes on a date without watching movies. Even a high school sleepover is enjoyed with movie nights, why can’t you do the same. Everyone is a fan of movies (or most people), so it only makes sense if you got high on a bunch of movies.

Well, watching movies on dates lights up another level of romance, so I really think you should try it out. And you might want to consider selecting a good movie you’d love together beforehand, that way you don’t end up watching what you don’t like.

Movies on dates is a tradition followed by many people. And yes don’t forget to take popcorns, movies and popcorns are like twins they just go well together.

8. Slow dancing

A couple slow dancing

Slow dancing is by far one of the best romantic tours you could go on just by standing on one spot. Play very slow music, slow dance together and see how the connection grows.

I love a slow dance and if you haven’t tried it with your date, then you’re probably missing some sweet romance. You’ll just feel the togetherness growing between you two, but if slow dancing is not your thing you might consider reading a romance novel (which is a perfect alternative to slow dancing).

9. Stargazing

A couple stargazing on their first date

Stargazing is not that fun but it’s nice and quiet. You get to look at the stars while lying on the grass or mat (whichever you prefer), and then you talk about all the fantasies going on in your heads.

Stargazing is something most children do but who cares, if I’m a child for love then so be it. so just stare at the clouds, talk and enjoy your day.

10. A lovely massage should end it all

Couple having massage therapy on their first dates

After the stress of a long and hectic day (but also sweet) who wouldn’t want a smooth massage therapy. And yeah the interesting fact about getting massage therapy is that literally, everyone can be good at it.

And of course, it’s hard to find someone that doesn’t love a sweet massage. You don’t really need to be good at it, just pull a few strings and you’re good to go. A sweet message should close a wonderful date.

Trying all these steps might be hectic for some couples (but what can you do, you’re trying to make the day unforgettable) so you might want to consider taking a few steps from the above. But if you’re a young couple (always energetic) then by all means try all.

If you like this post and feel your questions have been answered share the post, or if you have more questions and also want to tell us how your date went comment below.

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