The signs of a bad relationship

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If you’re in a relationship and you think you’re seeing signs your relationship isn’t going well or you don’t know the signs of a bad relationship, well, you should probably read till the end.

Being in a relationship is not all easy, but one should be in a relationship that is enjoyable and supportive. Being in a relationship is very sweet and enjoyable especially if it’s new, (that’s true right, new things are always the sweetest). Without a doubt, new relationships are the best because the love adrenaline is flowing like crazy.

A gir show signs she is in a bad relationship

Have you ever been in a relationship, and then all the things that were sweet and juicy becomes less sweet, literally everything exciting just turned boring, and then you start to wonder, “I’m I in a bad relationship”? well, yes you are, if everything sweet suddenly becomes bitter, then, of course, there’s something wrong somewhere.

So in this post, we’re going to talk about the signs of a bad relationship and if you look closely you’ll see where I emphasized the most obvious signs of a bad relationship.

10 signs of a bad relationship

  1. Distrust
  2. Your partner blames you for everything and pins things on you if  it doesn’t go their way
  3. Lack of empathy
  4. No more attention
  5. Physical abuse
  6. One-sided relationship
  7. Cheating
  8. Too much control
  9. My partner keeps smashing and destroying things
  10. Frustration

1. Distrust (one of the most important signs of a bad relationship)

Angry couple, showing signs of a bad relationship

Okay, everyone always says that a relationship is built on trust. Imagine being in a relationship where your partner suddenly begins to doubt everything you do or say, that trust that was there at the start of the relationship starts to fade away. I can’t really stress enough how important it is for your partner to trust and have faith in you completely.

Trust is very crucial in a relationship because distrust leads to many things (bad things to be precise). Distrust in a relationship can lead to partners being jealous of each other, and when you are in a relationship where your partner doesn’t waste a moment to get jealous, then your relationship is like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

2. Your partner blames you for everything and pins things on you if it doesn’t go their way

Well, dating the “I’m always right” partner is not always easy, I’ll say this is most common among guys as guys like to be in control of the relationship (some of them would want to be in total control, so the woman has no say).

There are different ways to be in control of the relationship. The most popular should be the financial aspect, as most men tend to get higher pay than women (well, women are still working on this one, with the gender equality thing going on).

Now, back to our main point, why should one take the blame for every bad thing that happens in a relationship. When certain things happen you take blame, your partner tries to pin things on you even when they are at fault, they might even go as far as to create problems just to blame you.

While you might want to start thinking otherwise, I do think that there is more to this aspect because when people do things like that it means they are probably angry about something, people often transfer aggression when angry, so I’ll say this one is pretty easy to resolve (empathy is for key).

Empathy is very important in a relationship, because you should try and understand your partner’s feelings, after all, you’re a couple for a reason.

3. Lack of empathy

An angry man, showing the signs of a bad relationship

I mentioned empathy before but I do think that this point needs more explanation. A relationship where you feel almost everything your partner feels, when he is angry you know, when she is sad you know, well relationships like that, if you ask me, are the ones that last the most. Like I said before you are a couple for a reason, so being empathetic should be one of your many strengths in the relationship.

In a relationship where partners are not remotely empathic will most likely drown. I’m not saying you should be a magician of some sort, but when your partner is in a terrible mood you should know so you don’t go cracking unnecessary jokes, sometimes it works as people tend to get lightened up when they hear jokes, but most times it doesn’t. Imagine if you got fired or lost a huge money deal and someone is spewing jokes out of their mouth (well, goodbye to that person because I would get really furious). So lack of empathy is a sign you are in a bad relationship.

4. No more attention

When you started your relationship journey you got lots of attention, and then it all goes away, then you start to wonder “where’s all the attention I was getting when we started”. Well if you ask me I’ll say the attention thing is mostly a factor for women (no offence ladies, we all know you are the attention seekers).

I feel like this fault should be directed to men because men are mostly the attention givers (just made that one up, lol). Sometimes people can be extremely busy for themselves talk more of giving attention to others.

5. Physical abuse (one of the most obvious signs you’re in a bad relationship)

Well, we can all agree that the issue of physical abuse points to the direction of men, because it’s rare for it to be the other way round. Physics abuse is probably the extreme to which a person can go in a relationship.

If you are in a relationship and you’re suffering from physical abuse you might want to go for therapy sessions because if you continue to endure, one thing might lead to another.

6. One-sided relationship

A lonely girl, showing the signs of a bad relationship

Sometimes one-sided relationships can mean a dead relationship, because a relationship where one partner is putting all effort to make sure the relationship thrives, well that kind of relationship is awkward and will be almost impossible to save (if not completely impossible).

If you’re making all the efforts and it seems like your partner isn’t even concerned at all, then it means your partner is most likely tired of the relationship and wants out.

7. Cheating (one of the most obvious signs of a bad relationship

When you’re in a relationship and you happened to find out that your partner is cheating on you, it suddenly breaks you, because dealing with the weight of an affair is not easy at all. Different things start to run through your mind. You might love your partner so much that you’re willing to give a second chance, although most people will walk out of the relationship because no one wants to be two-timed.

Sometimes offering your partner a second chance makes the bond stronger, on the other hand, they might feel you’re desperate and try to take advantage of that fact, then it’ll be better to walk away because you’re worth more.

8. Too much control

Telling your partner what to wear or use is almost like taking away your partners lifestyle or identity. This is most common for men (sorry guys). Some men can be so controlling that they want to choose literally everything you do. A woman should also have a say in the relationship, at least she should have the right to her appearance.

If you look at the other side, some men wouldn’t want to pick dresses for you, they just don’t want you showing all your assets (so still they might probably be right), but even at that women should still have the complete right to their appearance.

9. My partner keeps smashing and destroying things

A lonely man

Everytime there a little argument your partner smashes things and keeps breaking until there’s nothing left to break. For some reason some people tend to smash things when angry, you should also wonder “what if I get smashed next”.

Let’s say your partner probably has anger issues and keeps smashing things, if it’s a woman it’s easier to prevent her from hurting herself or you in the process, but if it’s a man what power does a woman have to stop him, it’s kind of bad on a woman’s part. You and your partner should probably see a therapist for professional help.

10. Frustration

If you’ve really been following this article you’ll notice that literally every point till now leads to abundant frustration. You are in a relationship where your partner does things that gets you deeply frustrated.

Most times your partner might be frustrating you unknowingly, sometimes it might even be an attempt to break up and if you’re perceptive enough you would notice and if that’s the case do yourself a favour and walk out.

An angry man

What do I do when I’m in a bad relationship?

Well, the simple thing to do is to talk to your partner and say what you’re feeling, how the relationship isn’t going your way and what you’re both going to do to solve all your problems. If talking doesn’t work then you try and seek professional or parental advice and if it doesn’t work then you know you’ve tried your best.

In conclusion

A relationship is not a do or die affair, if you’re perceive enough to know that the relationship is not remotely what you expected and you’ve tried your best to solve it, well, it’s up to you to walk out or you can continue trying if you have faith in your relationship.

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