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Teenage dreams

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If ever you have, had or probably thinking of a dream, well, you’ve come to the right place, because we are going to spill out the truth and reality of teenage dreams. So without wasting time let’s dive in.

Picturing your Teenage dreams

From a young age, children would imagine their future ambitions(well, I did at some point).  Having ambitious choices is completely consensual, so literally everyone does this, you would often hear, ambitious choices like law, Engineering, Medicine, and all.

Well for me I always wanted to be an engineer, and it kind of got to me, that’s what happens when you have and picture your dream, you would find yourself thinking about nothing else but that dream which you had envisioned for yourself.

But the painful truth is that not everyone who has envisioned these ambitions gets to taste them, well I wouldn’t want to call these dreams fantasies but what can we do?, that’s the way life is, you don’t always get what you want, so I guess some of our well constructed ambitious might be teenage fantasies.

Teenage Dreams vs reality

Should everyone have a dream? How sure are we that those dreams will actually become reality Well, as Isaid before picturing a dream is very easy and common to most people (everyone if you ask me), but the reality…… I’m not saying you can’t always achieve or get your dream, but what are the chances of it becoming reality, well I’ll say unlikely(like literally unlikely), because you would meet different things along the way that diversify or try to diversify them.

If you were to run an analysis of how many people achieved their childhood dreams well you would be stunned by the population that didn’t. It is hard and takes a lot of resilience and effort to catch that dream of yours, especially if it’s from a young age.

That’s why different situations and encounters in life diversify those dreams, it could be in a bad way and it could be in an awesome way. When I was younger I always pictured being an engineer, like seriously I was hell-bent on my decision. I would often tell my parents of my dream of becoming an engineer, But what am I doing right now, busy writing articles.

It’s not that I can’t be writing articles and still be an engineer, but I love writing(which I hated when I was younger), and I wouldn’t want to compromise it for anything. Well you can see that slowly I began to deviate from my actual dream, and this happens to almost everyone, when you face reality you would try to adjust that dream in a way that suits you.

Should everyone have a dream?

Well, based on what we’ve talked about it’s really hard to say if everyone should still have a dream or dreams (if you are the jack that likes multiple trades); because you don’t want to have dreams and then they just turned out to be teenage fantasies or dead dreams (and yeah, I wrote a post on dead dreams).

But in truth, I think everyone should have a dream because to achieve great things we must not only act but also dream. So I don’t care where that dream or fantasy of mine lands me, all I know is it’s that dream that keeps me going when I wake up in the morning(aside from God of course, lol).

That’s what a dream does it gives you a new desire to achieve something(and hell yeah! It feels good), so it’s good and consensual for teenagers to have dreams and strongly believe that they can achieve that dream of theirs. Honestly dreaming of becoming an engineer might not have come to pass for me, but that dream gave me purpose and reason to push (even if it got diversified in the end).


Having a dream is easy(almost too easy), but achieving it is very hard, it takes a lot to pull it off. It’s not impossible, forget the statistics it is possible for you and anyone else who gives it their best.

And like Mike Tyson said, “I’m a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds”. So if you’ve tried so hard to achieve a particular dream it’s okay, because who knows your diversified dream might be better than what you had dreamed of all your life.

If you like this article and probably felt encouraged share it with people you care about(teenagers), so they can also get massively inspired.

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