How to monetize Facebook videos

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Do you know that you can monetize videos with Facebook( I bet most of you didn’t)? Well yeah, you can monetize videos 100 per cent. Video streaming platforms like YouTube and ticktock are really killing it, and no doubt Facebook wants to be a part of it too. But the difference between all of them is that Facebook has the most monthly visitors with over 2 billion people logging in monthly.

YouTube on the other hand has over 2 billion monthly visits too, but in YouTube, the curators are too much you can barely stand a chance. Facebook has a lot of visitors with fewer video creators, so the chance of getting your videos seen is very high, and of course, the competition is not as hard as that of YouTube. So in this post, we’re going to talk about how to take advantage of Facebook while the competition is low and make money with monetization.

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Note: if you’re reading this post thinking that this is a get rich quick scheme, it’s not. Getting an online presence and making money online is not easy, although some will get theirs up and running in weeks or months, it doesn’t mean yours too will turn out the same. I’m not trying to discourage you, I’m simply stating the fact, everything in life is hard work and persistence.

So if you’re willing to work hard and make money while you sleep, continue reading, but if you’re not ready to work hard, the door is open or the web is open in this case.

What is YouTube or Facebook monetization

Monetization is the process of earning revenue from your business, so basically, if you have a YouTube channel you can earn money from your videos likewise Facebook

How to Monitize your Facebook page

Qualifying for any monetization platform is hard, whether it is YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. But the fact is that with Facebook there is a better chance to earn money from videos, because of the monthly visits and less competition.

The following must be achieved to monetize your Facebook page.

  1. Own a Facebook account (of course)
  2. Grow your page to 10,000 likes
  3. 600,000 total minutes viewed in the last 60 days.

All these steps are not easy but compared to YouTube they’re very easy because Facebook is less strict and YouTube just keep bringing new rules that might affect some underprivileged channels.

6. Tricks to getting monetized on Facebook

  1. Join Facebook groups
  2. Post consistently
  3. Add tags
  4. Facebook ads
  5. Know the best time to post
  6. Use your opportunity

1. Join Facebook groups

Picture of Facebook group and how to monetize your Facebook videos

Joining a Facebook group is one of the best ways to increase your reach on Facebook. The thing I like the most about Facebook groups is that you can join up to 5,000 groups. When you post in a Facebook group of 100,000 members it gets seen by most of them. Imagine joining 100 Facebook groups with 100,000 followers each.

And yeah, this is a two in one trick, know the time people are online and post your content. I know what you’re thinking, “how I’m I supposed to know when people are online”, well, just go to Google and search. All social media platforms have a timeframe where people are online, so Facebook is not different, so search and you’d see the best time to post.

Warning: make sure you know the rules of each group before posting. Don’t look spammy, every social media platform have rules against spammy people.

2. Post consistently

Consistency is crucial in running any business, make sure you’re consistently posting. Every social media platform likes it when its creators are constantly posting because it makes the visitors stay longer.

You can’t be posting one in a while and expect your page to grow overnight, consistency is key. Try posting consistently for a month and you’ll see the difference.

3. Add Tags

Adding tags when you post increases your reach a lot. When you post and tag people, it gets seen in their feed and everyone they are friends with. Image if you post and tag up to 10 people with 2,000 followers each.

4. Facebook ads

Running Facebook ads for your page will increase your reach massively. There are many types of ads you can run on Facebook, but my favourite is boost posting, you can start boosting your posts for as little as $1 per day or any amount that suits you.

5. Know the best time to post

I have said this before and I’ll say it again because of how important it is. If you post at the right time you’d get better results. Don’t go posting randomly, post at the right time. Every social media platform has a time when its visitors are most active. So finding out the active time of your audience or the best time to post works best.

If you want to know the best time to post on Facebook to increase your reach then check this article out. The best time to post across social media platforms

6. Use your opportunity

The difference between Facebook and YouTube monetization is that YouTube can be a little strict. It took me a lot of thinking before I decided to open my YouTube channel.

Copyright claims are very common on YouTube. You can barely use any random song without being penalised for a copyright claim or copyright strike depending on how serious your offence is. Although YouTube has its free copyright music, they’re not the best, and you’ll just need a little more.

Facebook, on the other hand, is not the case at least for now. So you have the chance to try different methods now that Facebook is still nice. But as more people try to monetize, the rules become stricter so use your opportunity wisely.


A woman looking to monetize Facebook videos

If you follow these steps with consistency you are bound to increase your reach on Facebook. If after these steps you still don’t reach the monetization requirements, it’s okay you’ll still have massive following and if you have good audience, you can start your own online business or move your followers to YouTube or ticktock.

As I said before following these steps will increase your reach and followers. So if you have a good amount of followers, you can do anything.

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