How to keep an healthy relationship

How to keep a healthy relationship

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A healthy relationship is a sign that the relationship is going in a good direction. When a relationship is going in a good direction, there’s a chance that the relationship will flourish and last longer. Although some are very good at keeping a relationship steady and healthy, most aren’t really good in that field, and that brings us to the steps on how to keep an healthy relationship.

10 ways on how to keep a healthy relationship

  1. Setting goals
  2. Respect each other’s boundaries
  3. Try being empathic
  4. Acknowledge bad times
  5. Trusting your partner
  6. Going on dates
  7. Never transfer aggression
  8. Accept when at fault and learn to apologise
  9. Learn to forgive and forget
  10. Always show support and never criticize

1. Setting goals

A couple trying to keep a healthy relationship

Setting goals is by far one of the best ways to kick start any successful thing in life. Certain goals should be set in a relationship either a marriage or just a dating relationship. All relationships need goals to flourish.

Let’s say you’re a married couple, setting the time to expect children is a way of setting relationship goals. You may decide to set yearly intervals or even decide on the number of children you wish to have, it depends on what fits you.

Although some couples like to set different individual goals as to what to contribute to the relationship. The woman might set a goal on how to squeeze between work and also spend time with the children and the man should also set a goal too.

Setting goals in a relationship is most common among couples looking to have a future together, not that teenagers and youths aren’t allowed to have relationship goals but it’s more common among couples planning a future for themselves.

2. Respect each other’s boundaries (a very good example of how to keep a healthy relationship.

A couple looking to meet a healthy relationship should learn to respect each other’s boundaries completely. Imagine someone invading your privacy or trying to look through things you clearly told them not to look through, I’m sure most of us have experienced this and it’s really annoying.

Okay, imagine trying to look through your partners’ phone just to satisfy your curiosity, well I hope your relationship wouldn’t be the cat curiosity kills. I have seen relationships where snooping through partner’s phones shuts down the relationship completely. To be very sincere, sooping is very common among women because from my research Women are often considered as the ones who speak more and are always curious to know everything as compared to men.

3. Try being empathic.

A couple looking to keep an healthy relationship

Well, what are you a couple for if you don’t or try to understand each other. Empathy is like a battery that powers a relationship and keeps it from running out of power. The fact that you understand a bit what your partner feels goes a long way thereby maintaining the relationship, you don’t want to ridicule your partner when they’re extremely angry, and you certainly don’t want to bring bad news if your partner is already having a terrible day.

I’m not saying you should be a magician of some sort but if you try to understand your partner’s feelings, you know when their sad, you know when and how to comfort them when needed, then you’re on the right track to keeping a long and awesome relationship

4. Acknowledge bad times

There’s no relationship that is sweet and enjoyable all the time. I don’t know if you’ve heard but there’s something called a couple’s fight. You can’t be in a  relationship and not have arguments or quarrels once in a while it’s just not possible.

You might not expect it but one thing leads to another, and many things lead to arguments and fights in a relationship. But the fact that you know and acknowledge that relationships aren’t always good and bad times exists and will always come makes you reasonable.

5. Trusting your partner ( trusting your partner is a good example of how to keep a healthy relationship)

Trust is very essential in doing anything serious with someone, I cant call someone my best friend and not trust the person, even ordinary friendships these days are build with trust talk more of a couple relationship.

There is no way to go around this, if you’re in a relationship where you’re not trusted by your partner then that relationship is as good as gone. Lack of trust is like a party host that invites jealousy, cheating and almost everything bad in a relationship is caused by lack of trust. So if you don’t want to invite the above to your relationship you might want to consider trusting your partner more

6. Going on dates

A couple going on a date and trying to keep a healthy relationship

Going on dates is a way to keep a relationship healthy and lovely. Dates are just so nice it just builds the togetherness between couples. Going on a date is by far one of the best ways to enjoy your day together.

You might think you’re too old or busy to go on dates but that’s where you’re wrong. When you go on dates those feelings you had when you just met will come rushing in and if you just started dating it also helps build intimacy.

If you have no idea on what to do or were to go on dates. You might want to check my other article where I wrote on date ideas.

7. Never transfer aggression

You might have had a problem with one or two of your colleagues or anyone at all. Having problems outside the relationship is normal but don’t transfer your anger to your partner. Having a quarrel with someone else and transferring the aggression is an ugly way to be in a relationship.

I know you’d be angry but you should also know that transferring the aggression to your partner will only make things worst.

Remember when I talked about “empathy” this is where empathy comes in because if you are empathic you’d have a hunch your partner is angry and try not to make it worst. It’s not always about empathy it’s also being perceptive.

8. Accept when at fault and learn to apologise (one of the crucial points on how to keep a healthy relationship)

A couple apologising to keep a healthy relationship

Some people have this behaviour of always arguing even when proven wrong, men are mostly guilty of this. If you are at fault and have been proven wrong then why keep trying to make yourself sound right.

And you should also learn to apologise when wrong because you don’t expect your partner to apologise even when you’re at fault. Although some people are just good at apologising even when they are at fault and these kind people are lovely to be with.

9. Learn to forgive and forget

Bad times will always strike in relationships. There will be times where you’d be in the position to forgive, and if you’re the adamant type who needs to be begged by the whole community before you forgive someone, then you might want to change your ways because what if you’re in your partner’s shoes and you’re supposed to be the one to apologise. Learning to forgive and forget always saves the relationship and brings couples together.

10.  Always show support and never criticize.

A couple on the beach

When your partner does something unpleasant it would be nice to show support and never criticize. Criticism is bad and leads to nowhere in a relationship. Instead of brutally criticising your partner it would be better if you just made a funny joke about it. (but be careful because not everyone finds these kind of jokes funny).

Relationships are not easy to maintain it takes a lot to keep a relationship healthy and steady. So if your relationship is not healthy you should know by now.

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