How to care for mums

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How do we care for mums?. Mothers are one of the most important people in the world, to most people, they are the most important. They make sacrifices no ordinary person would dare to make. They give everything even if it means having nothing. If you were to state how important mothers are to our lives the list will keep going on because it can never, ever finish.

Barely will you find people in the world of today that’ll do everything for you and ask for nothing in return, but mothers are an exception to that. They could literally go under the rain and sun just to get what we need and still ask for nothing in return. After having all this abundant care in our lives, paying them back with the fruit of their labour should be our top priority.

People only remember to thank them when it’s their birthday or when it’s mother’s day, but in truth, every day should be a day of thanksgiving. So let’s look at the 10 ways we can show care for mums.

A mum and a child

10 Ways to Care for mums

  1. Go on outings
  2. Do her hobbies with her
  3. Care for her health ( A good way to care for mums)
  4. Gather together
  5. Take her on a modern-day adventure
  6. Show your mum that you care
  7. Talk and seek advice
  8. Do house chores
  9. Give her anything
  10. Always be thankful

Go on outings

Going on outings once in a while builds the relationship between people. You don’t always have to wait until it’s her birthday or until it’s mother’s day to take her out. Mums love outings actually, especially if it’s with their children. It’s not only on dates you go for a picnics, but you could also take your mum on a picnic too. If a picnic is not your thing there are tons of places you can go for outings.

You could decide to go to an amusement park, you could bring your kids (if you have any). Like I said before, mother’s like seeing their children together, so gather all your siblings and plan an outing. Family vacations are often organised by the parents, so why not break the rules and organise one yourself.

Do her hobbies with her

Yeah yeah, we all know parents are old fashioned and what they enjoy might be extremely boring to us. Well, if you truly want to make someone happy then participate in what makes them happy. Not all mums show their hobbies, but guess what, everyone has one or two hobbies, so take it upon you to find out what she likes the most. And trust me, participating in her hobby is a good ways to show you care for your mum

Most mums like singing as their hobby, while other mums like watching television. Participate in what she likes, if she likes singing sing with her even if you’re a bad singer, it’ll probably make her laugh. If she likes watching shows on television watch with her, if it’s one or two shows it sure means a lot.

A girl caring for her mum

Care for her health (A good way to care for mums)

No one stays young and healthy forever. Always try to monitor her health by doing regular medical check ups. You could pick a schedule with a doctor for monthly medical checks up, this will help you monitor her health so she can stay healthy.

Beware, mums will rarely tell their children they have health problems, because they don’t want their children to feel burdened. Well, if your mum is the type that doesn’t like to burden others, then make it your goal to organise the medical checkups. Always be adamant because it might take more than one trial to get her to give in

Gather together

The greatest joy of a mum is to see her children gathered together. A good family should always find time to come together, it might be for a meal, it might be for anything, coming together means a lot.

You don’t always have to gather together for outings or a special occasion. Picking a date to come together as a family builds togetherness and that makes any mum in the world extremely happy.

Take her on a modern-day adventure

Remember when I said parents are old fashioned, well it’s time to show her what she’s missing. Take her for a karaoke night, just play an old song she likes and see if she won’t grab the microphone. There are not a lot of modern-day things that old mums like but karaoke should be one of them.

If you have a mum who’s young and ready to bounce, well, you have plenty of adventures to go on because young mums aren’t old fashioned. Young mums could go for karaoke, picnics, amusement parks and almost everything young people do before their body reminds them they’re not in their 20s anymore

A guy showing care for his mum

Show your mum that you care

Always show your affection towards them. Most mums will rather not ask for anything provided you care for them. On mother’s day, call and wish them “happy mother’s day” or you could take them out. If you’re the type that doesn’t pour your affection out, You could choose to write a letter.

On her birthday do the same thing. You could literally do it every day of your life, because it takes nothing away from you, especially if the person means a lot to you. Always show how much you love and care for her because it means a lot to her.

Talk and seek advice

You might think that asking for advice from her makes you bothersome, but in truth, it doesn’t. Asking for advice from her makes her know that you still need her and that you care so much about her opinion.

It’s not only children that need advice, mums aren’t gods, they’re humans like us. So it’s normal to make a couple of mistakes and seek for advice. Always make sure you pour out your feelings and seek her advice.

Do house chores

Mothers are the only people in the world that enjoy doing house chores. Hardly will you find a mother that doesn’t like doing house chores, some mothers see house chores as a hobby.

Helping in house chores show that you care a lot. You might not do it well but doing it means a lot. Not all children like house chores, okay, let me rephrase, most children hate house chores. Helping your mum in doing house chores regardless of whether you hate it or not, show that you’re appreciative.

You don’t have to do it all the time, you could do it once in a while, just make sure you assist. And yes, don’t be the type that assists only when you need something. Sometimes when children assist in house chores they don’t normally do, the first question their parents ask would be “what do you want”. So don’t be the type that gives to receive, just do it for her happiness.

Give her anything

Every parent wants to enjoy the fruit of their labour. Try as much as you can to reward her for every sacrifice she made in your life. Whenever they lack something, take it upon yourself to provide it, you might be the only child, you might not be the only child, but that doesn’t matter.

Mums would never ask for anything in return for what they’ve done for you, but that doesn’t mean you’ll sit back and do nothing. Make it your goal that she enjoys the fruit of her labour. She might not want material things, she might need your attention and care, make sure you provide what she needs.

Always be thankful (probably the best way to care for mums)

There’s nothing more uplifting for a mother than hearing the sentence “thank you” after everything she’s done. Always try your best to say thank you. Well, if you can’t say it with your mouth then try using a letter.

If you don’t know how to arrange words, then use quotes. One thing that mothers love is a lovely quote. Quotes can be so uplifting, they could literally change your mood. If you also don’t know how to find thankful-quotes, check out my article where I wrote about Thanksgiving and gratitude quotes.

Always care for mums

After all said, your mum is the reason why you’re healthy and alive because she chose to give birth to you. Never forget to care for your mum. Showing appreciation and gratitude for what she has done in your life should be your top priority.

Quote of the day

Maya Angelou

A quote about caring for mums

“To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow.”

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