Five in house workout equipments

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It’s good to go for workout sessions outside the house or to a gym because there are different types of workout equipment available but some of us don’t have that time. Most of us are still struggling to keep up with our daily jobs and adding a workout plan to it can be very exhausting. You might pay for a gym session but end up wasting your money because there’s no time to participate.

I thought hard about this before finding in-house equipments for myself. now I don’t have to go all the way to the gym to use a particular equipment. So, these are my top 5 best in-house workout equipments.

1. Set of dumbbells and weight bench

This is like bringing a little of the gym to your living room. I have a friend that visits my house every morning just to use my equipments and this is his best because he’s more of a muscle person.

2. Stationary workout bike

This is more like riding a bike, except that you’re going nowhere. I have been using this for years before I thought of planning a workout schedule for myself.

3. Yoga mat

Everyone’s familiar with yoga mats so I don’t really need to say much, super helpful, and relieves stress. And yes, you’ll need it if you have an overwhelming job.

4. Treadmill

Most of us are familiar with treadmills. I love it, it’s my best in-house training equipment. Treadmill was my most used workout equipment when I used to visit the gym but after getting one for myself, I didn’t feel the need to go anymore (lol).

5. Doorway pull up bar

I like pull-ups, and getting one for myself didn’t require a second thought, I bought it the first day I saw it

So yeah, that’s a quick check at my best in-house training equipments. I’ll be buying more soon and when I do, I’ll be sure to add them to the list.

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